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When you visit the site or use any services from DotNetLead you agree and accept the Terms of Service below. Please do not use the site if you do not agree with any of the statements.

For Providers of Artifacts

When you provide artifacts (including articles, code, comments, images, videos, or tips, which we will refer to as “artifacts” in the rest of this document) you give DotNetLead the permission to edit, delete or post the artifacts that you provided. You agree that DotNetLead can publish your name, username, and profile with your artifacts. If your artifact was previously published elsewhere, in which the publisher have rights, you agree that you have already obtained all required consent from the rights holder before posting the artifact at DotNetLead. You acknowledge that when you post artifacts, you are willing to take the risk and be fully responsible when other users post negative comments or give low ratings that may harm your professional reputation. The negative comments and ratings may not be removed.

For Users of Artifacts

Artifacts that are posted or linked from this website, are licensed to you by the third parties that own such artifact, not by DotNetLead. All rights except to view the artifacts, belongs to the Contributors or DotNetLead. You agree to use the artifacts provided to you at your own full risk, without holding any liability to the Contributors or DotNetLead.

Privacy and Cookie Policy

You agree to our Privacy and Cookie Policy provided on this site.

Change to the Terms of Service

Terms of Service may be updated from time to time without advance notice to you. You agree that you will abide by the Terms of Service published at the time of use.

Termination of Access

DotNetLead can terminate your access to the site at any time without warning, reasons, or justification.

Rights of Artifacts

All artifacts posted on DotNetLead are reserved by the Contributor, the rights holder, or DotNetLead.  Services rendered at DotNetLead are solely for personal and non-commercial use.  Unless you are authorized by the Contributor and/or DotNetLead, you will not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, sub-license, assign, create derivative works from, transfer, lease, rent or sell any artifacts obtained from DotNetLead.

Registration at DotNetLead

When you register at DotNetLead, you agree to provide the current and accurate personal and demographic information to DotNetLead. Registration information may be used for market research, marketing, or improvement to our services.

Account Security

You are responsible for any activities under your account, and agree to notify DotNetLead immediately of any unauthorized use of your account. You agree to log out of the site after every session. DotNetLead will not be responsible or liable, whether directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss from the result of someone else using your account, either with or without your knowledge.  You can not use anyone else’s account at any time.


You must be 13 years or older to use the site if you are not located in the European Union, 16 years or older if you are in the European Union, and 18 years or older to register at DotNetLead.

No Assurance

DotNetLead makes no assurance nor warranty of any artifacts posted on the site, and will not be responsible or liable in any way from the use of any artifacts posted on the site. You agree to use the artifacts at your own risk without holding DotNetLead from damage caused from your sole discretion to use.


DotNetLead is not responsible for the acts of the community and has no obligation to monitor the comments made by its users.


DotNetLead does not guarantee any user’s identity.

Confidential Information

You agree that you will not publish any confidential information or artifacts, and will only post artifacts that are not confidential.

Responsibility of Artifacts

DotNetLead will not be responsible for any artifacts posted by its users.

Limitation of Liability

DotNetLead will not be liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, from the use of any artifacts or services from the site.


You will indemnify and hold harmless DotNetLead against any damages from your use of artifacts from the site.


You agree that you will not post any artifacts that may violate any rights of any party. You will email DotNetLead immediately if you believe any artifacts on DotNetLead may be a violation of third party copyright at support(at)dotnetlead.com.


DotNetLead reserves all other rights not specifically stated.
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